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At Diamond Perfection Home & Property Inspection, our highly skilled and experienced home inspectors offer various types of inspection services with the help of advanced technology. There are times when the naked human eye is not able to detect heat loss or wet insulation in the walls. In such cases, thermal imaging can help. Our home inspectors use a thermal imaging camera and infrared cameras to detect the loss of heat and other inconspicuous hot spots. Using a thermal imaging camera makes the work a lot easier and comes with various benefits as well. Using an IR camera can help detect hot spots, roof leaks, air insulation, compressor leaks, wood-destroying mites, and much more. A thermal imaging home inspection offers high-resolution images that clearly distinguish heat signatures at different places and make it easy for the home inspector to pay attention to detail. Our home inspectors are well trained and certified in using thermal imaging technology, and have perfected their use in the home inspection process.
Thermographic inspection refers to the nondestructive testing of parts, materials or systems through the imaging of the thermal patterns at the object’s surface.
Thermal Imaging Reports. Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows the inspector to show clients things about their homes or buildings that can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods.


What do you see here?

The infrared inspection is a way to figure out the little issues in the house which can later turn into debacles. While fixing an issue that was found through a thermographic filter – might cost just $100 however, if a major problem goes undetected which might not be visible at surface but may cost you thousands of dollars later.
Thermographic examinations are an insightful speculation and aids in getting a clearer picture of the property that you are going to invest in. At Diamond Perfection we help you with reports that gives you the complete condition of the house.

What is an infrared inspection?

An infrared inspection, also known as thermal imaging, requires new technology equipment like the handheld Infrared (I.R.) gadget, or a nuclear scanner or a thermal imaging camera referred by the PCE, to recognize heat under a material layer.At Diamond Perfection we perform Infrared Inspection through great computerized infrared cameras in order to distinguish water releases, electrical issues and energy misfortune issues.

Infrared assists reviewers with recognizing water-related issues (plumbing spills, rooftop releases, outside water interruption), electrical issues (over-burden circuits), and energy misfortune issues (protection). It’s exceptionally hard for untrained inspectors to handle infrared inspections. We are trained professionals and are certified to carry out these inspections with precision and deliver unbiased reports.

How does thermography work?

In general materials radiate heat especially gases, electrical and plumbing equipment. Through thermographic Infrared cameras which are extremely heat sensitive, they pick up the warm radiation, identify and measure the temperature contrasts between surfaces. Things that are not visible to us are pointed out by these cameras highlighting the parts which are heated and may have problems such as water intrusion, electrical issues and/or poor insulation.
We at Diamond Perfection are qualified and certified Inspectors and have years of expertise to handle your inspection with diligence and appropriateness. Our comprehensive reports provide you complete information regarding the inspections we do for you.

Why Thermal Imaging is useful?

While conducting home inspections, a big challenge is uncovering hidden issues within the property; Thermal imaging is a boon for that. Thermal imaging helps us to find out any damages in the building. It helps to find out:

  • Heat loss
  • Moisture or any leaks
  • Plumbing Defects
  • Electrical issues
  • Wood infestation

Why Choose us for Thermal Imaging Inspection?

Thermal imaging is an indispensable part of home inspections. We, at Diamond Perfection Home and Property Inspections, are the right choice for the purpose. Our professional and experienced home inspectors leave no stone unturned to find out even the minutest issues in your home. Our sophisticated and advanced devices are sure to discover any damages in the building.

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In less than 24 hours after your home inspection, we’ll already have your inspection report delivered so that you can immediately start learning more about your prospective home. We meticulously review each individual inspection finding to ensure that you’re given accurate and easy-to-understand information, and we explain any issues with the home’s condition in detail. We’ll even include color photographs as necessary to give you a more well-rounded breakdown of why a specific area of the home may need improvement.

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