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Methamphetamine (also known as “Crystal Meth” or “Meth”) is a Highly Addictive & Illegal Stimulant. A Meth Lab is an Illegal Drug-Manufacturing Site, often a House or Apartment, Containing Equipment and Potentially Toxic Chemicals Required to Produce Meth. Cases of Meth Labs in Purchased Homes Have Cost Homeowners $36,000 + to Re-mediate and Health Hazards Incurred on the Family.

Some Example of Possible Meth Use:

Presence of Equipment Used to Cook Meth, Such as Pressure Cookers, Jugs, Blenders, Aluminum Foil, Ph Test Strips, Turkey Basting Wands, Rubber Gloves, Thermometers, Funnels, Strainers and Duct Tape;
Unusual Odors, The Odors Associated with Meth Labs Often Smell Sweet or Bitter, and Some People have Described it As Burning Popcorn. An Ammonia Smell, Similar to That of Pet Urine, May Also Be Present. Waste Products May Have Been Dumped Down Sinks, Drains or Toilets. These Waste Products Can Collect in Drains, Traps and Septic Tanks and Can Give Off Fumes;

What can happen if your home gets exposed to meth?

An extremely pervasive drug, Meth presence in a house can be risky for anyone living there. While as a home buyer you may know the history of the people who lived there but not what the house was exposed to. Considered as a hazardous substance, meth contamination or its fumes can enter a person or animal through breathing, ingestion as well as skin absorption which can pose serious health issues if one is exposed to it for a longer period of time. Though the house may look clean but the deposits can be found in drains, septic tanks and the smell linger on for a very long time.

The only way to know if your property has huge traces of meth or not is through a thorough home inspection which helps determine the presence of it. Meth inspection is not only good but also a responsible decision that you will take for your family and loved ones. It puts your mind to ease and you can carry out a living without any inhibitions. As a buyer you would not want to invest your earnings into a house that may foster health issues rather than happiness of the family members.

How Our Meth Inspection Experts works?

Purchasing a new house is a time of new excitement, however you would not want the excitement to receive unpleasant surprises. Meth has the tendency to make you seriously ill. Meth Inspections are carried out by professionals like ourselves who have years of experience and are trained and qualified to perform our duties. The most common test that we as inspectors perform is the NIOSH 9111- complaint sampling test.

Our experts will collect a few samples from the property and send it to the laboratory. Other ways to test the presence of meth is through chromatography mass spectrometry by studying the presence of particles in the air. We also have methods to extract liquid and test them for meth, however the most affordable and prefered choice is the 9111 method. While the production and usage of meth is illegal, its production is growing and hence to maintain the safety of the people that live in a house you choose to buy should be free of any meth traces. We at Diamond Perfection take pride in our ways of working for our clients. We have built a reputation for ourselves through our honest and hard work which we aim to maintain and satisfy our clients.

Professional Meth Testing Inspector in Utah & Nearby Areas

Methamphetamine or crystal meth is an addictive stimulant and is illegal. The presence of meth in the house is hazardous for your health as well as your family. Meth can get inside your body through various means like breathing, skin absorption, or swallowing. In some cases the presence of meth has cost homebuyers hefty amounts. So, this makes it essential for the homebuyer to hire a professional meth testing inspector to ensure that the house is meth-free. If you are looking for a meth testing inspector in Utah or nearby areas, Diamond Perfection Home and property inspections is the place for you. Our experienced and professional inspectors collect samples from your home and send them to the laboratory for testing. We make sure that the house you live in is meth-free and that your family is not at any risk.

Certified Meth Testing Inspection in Your Area

Meth testing is an indispensable part of home inspections. Methamphetamine or meth poses a severe health risk to all. It is essential that before you buy your new house, you have hired a certified meth testing inspector and make sure that the house is not a meth lab. If you are looking for this service in Salt Lake City, UT, Diamond Perfection Home and Property Inspections can provide you with certified home inspectors. We perform the NIOSH -9111 test for finding any traces of methamphetamine in the building. With us, you should worry about the serious health risks caused by meth.

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